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What if your vehicle breaks down before you’re able to sell it, causing you to incur additional expense you didn’t plan on and causing you to net less money? Why take that risk? Sell your car for CASH today! What is YOUR time worth? It’s worth a lot! Sell your Car For CASH today! Do you want to spend hours advertising and showing your vehicle? You’re not an ad expert, so sell your car and get CASH today!!

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Get Cash For Your Car In 5 Minutes

How To Sell Your Car For Cash?


The team at Arizona Car Sales knows that selling a car can often be an overwhelming undertaking. Many consider it to be an intimidating process that creates added and unwanted stress in a person’s life. We have created a simple, hassle free means to sell your vehicle.


Free and Fast Appraisal

– We will appraise your used car at no charge to you in as little as 10 minutes to an hour. In addition, each used car appraisal is backed by a written offer that stays the same, even if you don’t buy a car from us that is good for 7 days!

Our appraisers are specialized to appraise and evaluate the condition of your used car in a professional manner. Our used car appraisal process includes taking your car for a test drive, checking vehicle history report, and evaluating your vehicle condition with: year, mileage, model, modifications, and other options and features. After the evaluation process, our appraiser will present you with a free written report and offer.

No Obligation Guarantee

– You will not be obligated to buy one of our used cars when selling us your used car to us.
Hassle-free payment

– If, after our appraisal, you choose to sell us your car, we will buy your car on the spot. If you have a payoff, we will verify that payoff and pay you the difference between what you owe and what the vehicle is worth and overnight the difference to your lender. If you owe more than the vehicle is worth, you will need to make up the difference in cash or certified funds at time of sale. Once that is done, we will payoff your lender in full.


We make it easier to sell your vehicle by eliminating any aggravation that you would normally get from selling your car otherwise. If you were to list your car in the paper, or online, or in any form of auction, you would receive a lot of phone calls, and even emails. You will then have to set up appointments with those who want to take a look at your vehicle, and in most cases, this requires an open schedule. Selling your car can actually also cost the seller some money as well. Whether it is because you have to fix up your car to make the sale, or if its taxes or fees you are responsible for paying, you sometimes get stuck with these extra expenses. When selling your car to Arizona Car Sales, you don’t have to worry about any of these extra stresses.


Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to our satisfied customers tell you how easy it is to sell your car for cash to Arizona Car Sales today!


It’s Easy, Fast, Convenient and you get CASH today!!!

At Arizona Car Sales, our customer service is provided with the highest level of excellence. Besides our beliefs that we hold with our clients, why else should you choose us? Are we more than just friendly people? Of course we are. With our services we make it very easy to sell your car, and we get the job done FAST. We try our best to make it as convenient as possible for the customer. So how do we make it so easy, fast, and convenient?


When you bring your vehicle to Arizona Car Sales, we get the job done fast, usually in 5 minutes or less. If you are looking to sell your vehicle to make some fast cash today, you can always rely on us. All we have to do is look over your vehicle, and take it for a test drive. Based on the current market values, we will then make you an immediate offer. We have been known to buy cars in as little as 10 minutes! So if you’re looking for a fast transaction and CASH today, come to Arizona Car Sales today and get cash for your car TODAY!


Q. Can I get my car appraised online or can you tell me what you would pay over the phone?
Yes and No. We do not do appraisals over the phone since every vehicle is in different condition and we cannot determine the condition and any defects the vehicle may have over the phone.

However, we CAN give you an online estimate as we have partnered with TrueCar and their TrueCash platform which will give you an online estimate as what your vehicle may be worth. When using the online estimate, it is important to accurately evaluate your vehicle (equipment, mileage, trim packages, etc). Also, as a rule, most vehicles will fall between the “fair” and “good” condition range. Less than 1 out of 100 vehicles we see are in “excellent” condition so using that option to evaluate your vehicle will result in an artificially high value that will, more than likely, not be close to our offer to purchase your vehicle.

If you wish to do an online estimate on your vehicle, please click the “Vehicle Online Estimate” button below and an estimate will be e-mailed to you. Please keep in mind that we are not obligated to purchase your vehicle for the amount listed as it is strictly an online estimate. The actual offer will vary if the vehicle condition has been over-stated, misrepresented or has undisclosed cosmetic, interior or mechanical defects. However, this will give you an accurate range of what your vehicle may be worth.

The best and quickest way to get cash for your car is to bring it into the dealership where we will give you a firm cash offer within 5 minutes.

Vehicle Online Estimate
At last but not least, our service is super convenient. If you are trying to get an appraisal on your vehicle, all you have to do is call our telephone number at (855) 971-9639, and we will set you up with an appointment. When you come visit us, don’t be worried about your car’s model type because we buy almost any vehicle and almost any year! Whether it’s a SUV, pickup, work truck, mini van, wagon, sedan, coupe, sports car, whether be foreign, or domestic, we will buy them. How convenient! So if you enjoy a business that makes things easy, fast, and convenient for yourself, you can always rely on Arizona Car Sales. If you’re looking to sell your car, call us today for an appointment, and we will gladly be able to help you out.
Need cash for bills?
Are you moving and don’t want to bring your car with you?

Get CASH for your car today at Arizona Car Sales in Mesa!
We serve all of Arizona and pay cash for your car on the spot without waiting!

Q. “Does Arizona Car Sales pays the highest possible prices?”

YES! Demand for quality used cars is always in excess of our supply. We need 1000´s of CARS YEARLY.

Q. “My co-worker said that I can sell it for more money myself! Why should I sell it to you?”

Great Question and we hear this a lot! While it’s “possible” that you can sell your car yourself for more money, it’s not easy or for every one.

Ask yourself the following if you want to attempt selling your car yourself:

If you’ve been using any of the old-fashioned ways of selling a vehicle, like paying for classified ads or even just putting a “for sale” sign in the window, then you know what a hassle that process can be:

  • Have you tried selling your car or truck for weeks, but haven’t gotten any serious offers?
  • Has your vehicle just been sitting there, costing you more money in insurance and maintenance?
  • Do you hate dealing with strangers who call your home at odd hours or knock on your door when you’re home alone?
  • Are you tired of getting low-ball offers from people who think they can just take your car for a few bucks?
  • Have you already wasted money on classified ads, only to see your ad get buried by hundreds of other listings in the newspaper?
  • Are you sick of getting spam emails and phone calls from people who use your listing to SELL you other products and services you don’t need?
  • Do you want to go through the hassle and expense of advertising your vehicle?
  • Do you want make your vehicle available for showing all the time, sometimes at weird hours?
  • Since as a private seller, you do not offer financing like a dealer, you need to sell it for cash and how many customers have the cash or have good enough credit to get your vehicle financed?
  • Do you know who is coming to your home? Can they actually buy the vehicle or are they trying to scam you?
  • What if your vehicle breaks down before you’re able to sell it, causing you to incur additional expense you didn’t plan on and causing you to net less money?
  • What is YOUR time worth? Do you want to spend hours advertising and showing your vehicle?
  • Most importantly, do you need CASH for your car NOW?


We will make you an offer for your car and give you CASH ON THE SPOT for your vehicle without any of these hassles or concerns. You might wait 3 days, 1 week or forever for money selling your car to someone else. At Arizona Car Sales, you’ll be in and out with CASH in less than 20 minutes! There is NO advertising expense, waiting, NO hoping your buyer has cash or qualifies for financing, NO worries for your safety or your vehicle breaking down before selling, just IMMEDIATE CASH ON THE SPOT FOR YOUR VEHICLE!


Q.”How long does it take to sell my car?”

This process usually takes 5 to 10 minutes, and we’ll give you a written offer that’s good for 7 days when we’re done. You can accept or think about it, no pressure at all. If you do accept it, we do the paperwork, plate removal and Pay You CASH on the Spot!

Q. How come Kelly Blue Book & Edmunds tells me my car is worth more than you do?

The bottom line is that publications like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, NADA, and Black Book are price guides for a vehicle. They do not offer CASH for your car, but give retail buyers an idea what certain vehicles are worth. The only way to determine a value is what someone is willing to write a check for, which Arizona Car Sales will do on the spot after we appraise your vehicle. None of these price guides will give you cash for your car, but Arizona Car Sales WILL!

These sites are geared for generating extensive internet traffic so they can sell advertising space. The high prices attract more visitors that results in more revenue generated by the site. These websites are not in the car business and will never write you a check. However, these resources can give you a general idea of what your car is worth. Expect your car to be sold 10% – 20% below published price guides no matter where you sell your car. Please note these web site resources don’t factor in extra wear and tear on a vehicle.

Remember, these websites will NEVER, EVER give you cash for your car, but Arizona Car Sales will give you CASH for your car NOW, usually in 5 minutes or less!

Q. Should I trade in my vehicle to a new car dealership?

New car dealerships tend to offer you less money for your vehicle. This is mainly because most dealerships are focused primarily on selling new cars. At Arizona Car Sales, we can offer you more for your vehicle because we are largely based around used vehicles rather than new cars. We have built a steady clientele and because of the demand for used cars, we can give you the most cash for your used car, usually within 10 minutes or less! Why waste your valuable time, when you can get cash for your car from Arizona Car Sales today?

Q.”I still owe money on my car- will Arizona Car Sales buy it?”

Yes! Financed or Leased, even if you are past due on your payments, we send your payoff via FedEx™ and refund to you the remaining positive equity. If your pay-off amount is more than the offer for your car, the difference is called “negative equity.” If you purchase a vehicle from us, in some cases, the negative equity can be included in your financing when you buy from us. If not, we’ll calculate the difference between your pay-off and our offer to you. We’ll accept a cashier’s or certified check for the amount you owe and then pay off your finance company for you. *BONUS CASH* Most “Extended Warranties” have CASH VALUE! Check with us for Details.

Q: Won’t I make more money by donating my car?

With the new tax laws, the donation laws changed radically. You are now only able to deduct the amount that the vehicle is sold for by the charity.

Over the years, many people have received tax deductions, sometimes quite large, because they donated their car to a charity. Before, people received a tax break for the Kelly Blue Book value of the car. This means that if someone had a car that was worth $2400 per Kelly Blue Book, they would receive a tax deduction of $2400, even if the charity they donated it to only received $500 when the car was sold at auction because the car had a bad motor. The donator would receive a tax deduction for a $2400 donation, even though they only donated a vehicle worth $500.

The IRS noticed that this was going on, so they decided to change the law so people receive a tax deduction for the actual value of the car. Now, if someone donates a car to a charity, he receives a tax deduction only for the amount of money the car sells for in an auction. This is often much lower than the Kelly Blue Book price. This means that currently if someone donates a car that is valued at $2400 per the Kelly Blue Book price, but it only sells for $500 in an auction, the tax deduction received is only $500.

Let’s imagine a person who is in the 30% tax bracket. He has a car that is valued at $3000 in the Kelly Blue Book, but it has light body damage. Because of the problems with the car, it would sell at auction for only $700. Before the law change of 2005, this person would have saved $900. Today, he would save only $210. Instead of donating his car and saving $210 on taxes, he could sell the car and receive $700 cash. So, you are much better off selling your car for cash at Arizona Car Sales than donating your vehicle!

Q.”How does Arizona Car Sales determine values?”

Appearance, Market Demand, Mileage, Options, and Color determine value. We know where, when and how much to adjust “Cash Appraisal Values” accordingly. NADA, Edmunds, and even Kelley Blue Book may advise you what a vehicle is worth but won’t write the check when you need the cash….…Arizona Car Sales pays while others talk!

Q.”What about web sites, internet sales and online outlets?”

No! They sell advertising, classified ads, books, subscriptions and more importantly; your personal information. They will not buy your vehicle for any price…Arizona Car Sales Buys and Pays you instantly On-the-Spot!

Q.”My car doesn’t run… car has been wrecked…..will you buy my car if it’s not running?”

In most cases, if your vehicle runs, drives and can be driven to the dealership, we will make you a cash offer for it.

Unfortunately, we do not buy the following kind of vehicles:

  • Vehicles that currently do not run or can be driven to our facility
  • Vehicles that are in need of major repairs (motor, transmission, or major body damage)
  • Vehicles with “true mileage unknown”
  • Vehicles that have a “Salvage” or “Rebuilt” title.

Vehicles like this that we cannot buy, we recommend Pick and Pull, and their phone number is 1-866-520-9750.

Q. I want to think about it, do I have to take the offer you made me now?

No problem- our process is hassle free and if you want to think about it, we will give you a written offer for your vehicle that is good for 7 days!! Assuming the vehicle is in similar condition to when we looked at it, our offer to PAY CASH FOR YOUR CAR is good for 7 days. Just bring your vehicle in and the appropriate paperwork to get CASH FOR YOUR CAR NOW!

Q. What happens to the cars Arizona Car Sales buys?

Even though we’ll buy pretty much any car, only about half of those we buy will ever be sold at our dealership to the public. Each car must pass our rigorous inspection before we’ll consider it for our lot, and cars that don’t meet our high-quality standards are sold at major wholesale auctions.

Q. Do I need an appointment for an appraisal?

No appraisal appointment is necessary. Just visit us at 1648 E Main Street in Mesa or call (855) 971-9639 for details.

Q. Can I trade in my leased car?

In most cases, you can trade in your leased vehicle in almost the same way as any other financed vehicle. We’ll appraise the car or truck, then contact the leasing company for a payoff quote and process any equity you might have. Please note that some leasing companies will not allow you to sell the vehicle prior to the expiration of the lease. Also, be aware that your leased vehicle might not be eligible for the trade-in tax savings if you choose to trade it in.


  • “I was tired of trying to sell my car myself and was getting nothing off my ad; Arizona Car Sales gave me cash for my car in 5 minutes!”, CB- Queen Creek, AZ
  • “I’ll never sell my car myself again! Arizona Car Sales made it easy to get cash for my car!”, JG- Tempe, AZ
  • “It was really fast. It all happened within less than an hour and I got cash for my car!”, GW- Phoenix, AZ
  • “It went perfectly. There was no problem.”, SE- Anthem, AZ
  • “It was convenient and they were fair with me; there wasn’t a lot of haggling.”, RZ- Sun City, AZ
  • “I appreciated how timely it was! I needed the cash to pay my mortgage and needed cash today; Arizona Car Sales were the only ones to give me cash when I needed it!”, TM- Gilbert, AZ
  • “Arizona Car Sales made it very easy and I had cash in 10 minutes for my car!”, JL- Mesa, AZ
  • “I was sure that I was selling the car to the right people.”, HW- Queen Creek, AZ
  • “The buyer was very courteous, and I felt good about it when it was done.”, EA- San Tan Valley, AZ
  • “The buyer was real helpful and he paid us cash and everything went well.”, NP- Mesa, AZ
  • “I called Arizona Car Sales, brought my vehicle in and they gave us the cash for our car and that was it.”, FW- Scottsdale, AZ
  • “Everything went real smooth. There were no hang-ups.”, BW- Chandler, AZ


Step 1: Bring your car to our location for an appraisal

We’ll carefully inspect and drive your car to determine its value.

We’ll check:

  • Interior and exterior condition—excessive wear and tear may affect your car’s appraisal value.
  • Mileage/age—excessive miles may lower your car’s value and narrow its resale market.
  • Paint and body for paint lines, overspray, body putty, dents, scratches, and other signs of previous body repair.
  • We’ll run a title and vehicle history report on your vehicle.
  • Prior accidents and/or Frame damage will also affect your car’s value because it shows your car has been in a serious accident.
  • At Arizona Car Sales, we don’t knowingly purchase or resell frame-damaged vehicles to our customers. These vehicles are usually sold at wholesale auctions to other dealers if we have determined it has been in a major accident or has structural damage.


Step Two: We make you a cash offer for your vehicle

You may accept that offer and sell us your vehicle or we’ll give you a free written offer good for 7 days.

If you have questions about the appraisal of your vehicle, speak with the Buyer who conducted the appraisal. Our Buyers are trained to explain the appraisal process, including what they looked for and what impacted your offer.

Step Three: Complete the sale

When you decide to sell your car to us, bring all your paperwork and any car accessories, including extra keys, to us with your car. We will buy your car, whether you buy a vehicle from us or not.

We’ll help you with your paperwork, and if there’s a pay-off involved, we’ll call your finance company to determine your balance. A bank draft may be issued to you for the difference. If there is negative equity, we’ll calculate the difference between your pay-off and our offer to you. We’ll accept a cashier’s check or certified check for the amount you owe and then pay off the finance company. In some cases, the negative equity can be included in your financing when you buy a car from us.


  • Your Vehicle
  • Certificate of Title

Please bring your title with you when you sell your car to Arizona Car Sales. The title must be provided at the time of sale unless we can verify that a lienholder still holds it.

If your vehicle is titled in a state where the owner holds title AND a previous loan on the vehicle has been paid off but is still recorded on the title, you will need both the title and lien release from the bank before Arizona Car Sales can purchase your car.

Have an outstanding loan?

If there is a lien on the car, we will need to contact your lien holder during business hours to get a twenty (20) day payoff. To get the payoff, we will need:

  • Your lien holder’s name and phone number
  • The name(s) on the account
  • The account holder’s account and social security numbers

Lien Release – proof of payoff, if applicable
Proper Identification – Driver’s license, State ID or Valid Photo Passport
Payment Book or Account Number – if vehicle is financed or leased
Letter of Authorization – only if you are representing the owner

Owner’s manual with all keys and remotes to vehicle

Owners manuals, keys and remotes can be expensive to replace. If you do not have the original owner’s manual, keys and remote, Arizona Car Sales may adjust the offer. In addition, if the vehicle was appraised with equipment that was in the vehicle when we looked at it (radio, wheels, etc) and you remove it prior to sale, we may adjust or void our offer.

In order for Arizona Car Sales to purchase your car, you must have all of the documents required by state and local law to transfer ownership to Arizona Car Sales. Should you not possess these documents or if additional research is necessary to confirm your car’s history, Arizona Car Sales reserves the right to a) cancel the Appraisal Offer, b) postpone the purchase until all requirements are met, or c) revise the Appraisal Offer.

Additional information

  1. Your written offer is based on your car and on any equipment that is installed or that is part of the car (e.g. stereos, alarms, etc.) when we appraised your vehicle. If you remove any of this equipment before selling us your vehicle and it was on the vehicle when we appraised it, your appraisal could be reduced or voided.
  2. The written offer for your vehicle will not change for 7 days and will be honored. After 7 days, your vehicle will need to be re-appraised and your offer may change based on wear, tear, mileage, or market conditions. Our written offer assumes that the condition of the vehicle does not change, that Arizona Car Sales may obtain a clear title, and that there are no undisclosed conditions affecting the vehicle.
  3. While we are happy to provide this appraisal so you can sell your car to Arizona Car Sales, it may not be relied upon by you for any other purpose.
  4. To qualify for Best Price guarantee promotion, written competing dealer offer must be currently valid, unexpired and not subject to any other condition. Vehicle and title must be made presented to ARIZONA CAR SALES to verify that vehicle is in same condition as when written competing dealer offer was made. Any variances in quality, condition, title history, or mileage from competing dealer offer shall make vehicle ineligible for promotion. Only the owner(s) of vehicle is eligible for promotion and any lien or other encumbrances on title shall make vehicle ineligible for promotion. Branded or bonded titles or any other vehicle history which may affect the resale value of vehicle renders vehicle ineligible for promotion. ARIZONA CAR SALES reserves the right to decline purchase of any vehicle. In any event, value of promotion shall not exceed $200.00 payable in cash or as a discount for future ARIZONA CAR SALES purchase, at ARIZONA CAR SALES’s sole discretion.

For the best possible appraisal, please bring your vehicle in to our location at 1648 E Main Street in Mesa on the Northwest corner of Main & Williams, just 1/2 mile West of Gilbert Road. Located minutes from the 60 or 202!

We have appraisers available from 9-7 everyday except Sunday when we are open 11-5.